1993-2002 HOOD & SIDE FEATHERS (2002 Collector Style) BLUE

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1993-02 Hood & Side Feathers Kit (2002 Collector Style)(solid-color)BLUE
Part Number: 9302FBF-Blue
1993-2002 HOOD & SIDE FEATHERS (2002 Collector Style) BLUE

2002 Trans Am Collector Edition concludes a 33 year-run of the GM Pontiac Firebird and all its sub models.  Ending its reign as GM's premium muscle car, a beautiful stripe kit was factory applied to all 2,390 vehicles. The hood stripes begin with the infamous firebird logos and trail with a ribbon of feathers on the hood and car sides. This stripe kit is often called the Feathers Kit and fits all WS6 Ram Air or non-Ram Air hood vehicle at a very affordable price. Be sure to opt for the Ram Air hood decals you have the WS6 Ram Air.

Available in all colors get yours now.
  • 2 Hood Feather Stripes (L & R)
  • 2 Door Feather Stripes (L & R)
  • 2 Rear Quarter Panel Feather Stripes (L & R)
  • Squeegee & Instructions

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