1987-88 Formula Stripe Kit Decal Lower Body (ORANGE)

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1987-88 Firebird/Formula Lower Body Solid Stripe Kit ORANGE
Part Number: 8688FSTP-Orange

1987-88 Formula Stripe Kit Decal Lower Body (ORANGE)

2-Front bumper stripes, 2-Body side stripes, 2-Rear Quarter panel stripes, 1-Rear bumper stripes

All 1987-90 two-tone painted Formulas wore striping that covered the paint line on every body panel. A majority of all Formulas were two-tone paint.
These stripes apply to ALL 1987-90 Formulas; except if car was optioned with "lower accent paint delete" (WX1).
Stripes are three-color, premolded, screen printed and apply over the two-tone paint line just like OEM.

To determine if your car was painted two-tone, check the RPO Decal (Regular Production Option list) located in the cabin console or rear cargo stow away compartment. The bottom of the decal shows the Upper & Lower body paint color codes.

If the "U" & "L" code numbers differ, your Formula was originally painted two-tone and a correct restoration of these cars requires the additional stripe kit.

Formula lower body colors are coded Silver (9021) or Charcoal (7782, 9243, 9536).

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