1982-92 Firebird / Trans AM Dash Pad

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Dash Pad 1985-92 Firebird / Trans AM
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1982-92 Firebird / Trans AM Dash Pad

Replace your original worn out dash pad with this quality OER® reproduction dash pad. Manufactured using moder n urethane materials for an original fit and appearance, this original style pad offers an original stock appearance and fit. Cosmetically correct for 1985-92 models, but will fit and function correctly on 1982-84 models. Padded Dash is pre-packaged in OE R corrugated box.

  • Windshield defroster cut outs
  • Side window defroster vents (RH and LH)
  • Stereo speaker grills (RH and LH)

Available in black only. May be painted to the desired color using interior paint (sold separately).

Important: Do not use chemical cleaners before spray painting the dash pad. Simply clean the dash with warm water and a wet towel, dry completely, and spray paint the dash to the desired color.

Note:The mounting clips must be removed from the original dash and re-use d to installed the reproduction dash pad.

Shipped  OS2.

  • 1982-84 Firebird / Trans Am (Cosmetically Different from Original)
  • 1985-92 Firebird / Trans Am (Cosmetically Correct for these models)
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