1962-73 GM 6 / 8 Cylinder Motor Mount

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 1962-73 GM 6 / 8 Cylinder Motor Mount

If your vehicle has 50-60,000 miles or more or the motor mounts have been soaked with oil over a period of time, chances are they have grown weak and are need of replacement. Worse yet, if you experience a thud upon acceleration or deceleration, check for signs of fan scallop on your radiator core or fan shroud.

Use a pry bar to check the mounts for movement. A fan scallop or excess movement of the mount would be the telltale sign of a broken motor mount. This can be a dangerous condition as the engine can shift, causing the accelerator to stick in a full throttle position.

Our reproduction motor mounts are an inexpensive cure for this potentially dangerous condition.

Camaro applications:
  • 1967-69 327, LH or RH
  • 1969-73 307
  • 1970-73 350
  • 1967-70 250

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